Hair Growth

How To Grow And Maintain Long Hair – The Secrets You Need To Know

Having long hair that is well kept is not an easy task. If you are privileged to have such, then you need to do much so as to keep it that way. Failure to take proper care of your long, beautiful hair could mean loss of it. Stress and pollution levels could cause hair loss. Worry no more – below are some of the best ways to ensure you have long hair. They include:

1. Adequately apply oil to your hair at least twice a week for long hair

er45reijro53y4erYour hair needs nourishment and support. This helps to reinforce the roots. To have and keep long hair requires oiling within a short time so as to rejuvenate dead shafts of your hair.

2. Ensure sufficient scalp massage

Blood circulation is needed for your hair to grow strong and long. Scalp massage helps to improve blood circulation thus better hair growth.

3. Frequent shampooing of the hair

Hair loss can be prevented by ensuring hydrated hair through shampooing at least twice a week. Avoid doing this every day since it weakens your hair due to high sulfate levels in the shampoo.

4. Avoid rough handling of hair

Hair loss is a common problem that comes with rough handling of hair especially during shampooing. Clean your hair delicately at the scalp to allow the shampoo down the hair strands.

5. Use enough vitamin E and protein diets

Protein is vital for hair health. It is important for the development of your hair. You need sufficient proteins to ensure strong and long hair. Vitamin E is also necessary in your foods. The nutrients help in hair growth.

6. Use enough water every day

Hair growth requires sufficient hydration. Take enough water daily to avoid your hair from looking dry which may cause breaking of your long hair.

7. Consider routine exercise

4e43ewsdu54reExercising helps to improve blood circulation in the body. Hair growth requires enough blood flow. With quality exercise, you can be sure to grow your hair healthy and strong.

Long and healthy hair can be achieved with the above pointers. You do not need a specialist to maintain long hair. It takes simple, personal efforts to grow long and healthy hair. Neglected hair could result in hair loss. Take time to clean your hair and eat quality food for your hair growth.