Common Types And Causes Of Eating Disorders


Many people perceive their body weight in different ways. In some cases, people develop eating disorders due to over-emphasis on their weight. It is important that you avoid being deeply concerned with your physical appearance. This could cause irregular eating habits. This is nothing less than a recipe for health disaster. Excessive or inadequate eating symptoms could be exhibited due to a number of eating disorders.

47cfdbrThe commonly experienced eating disorders include binge eating, anorexia nervosa, and bulimia nervosa. These are conditions that could be experienced by both men and women. The most susceptible people are young adults and teenagers. Irregular eating habits are considered medical illnesses that should be treated. Always seek professional medical help in case of any of the above disorders. Worth noting is the detrimental effects that come with an untreated eating disorder. Such disorders come along with emotional problems like anxiety, depression and substance abuse.

Common eating disorder types and causes

Below are some of the commonly experienced eating disorders and the possible reasons why they occur. They include:

Bulimia nervosa

tu54ersd7iuoeerThis is an irregular eating disorder. In most people, the disorder is exhibited by eating large food amounts, which later many force it to come out through vomiting. Some consider excessive exercising so as to suppress their binge eating habit. Other bulimics takes a lot of diuretics or laxatives. It is important to mention that most bulimics do not want to add weight. Most of these people do so in secret resulting to guilt, shame and a feeling of loss of control. Major effects of the disorder include gastrointestinal problems, serious hydration, and electrolyte imbalance, which often cause heart problems.

Anorexia nervosa

This is one of the most commonly experienced eating disorder. It comes with the uncontrolled fear of gaining weight. Victims here always think that they are overweight – even when they are normal or underweight. Victims result to eating way too little. As a result, anorexics experience organ failures, infertility, bone loss, brain damage and heart issues among other effects. In severe cases, anorexia nervosa may lead to death.

Binge eating

As one of the common eating disorders, binge eating is a disorder that is known to come with uncontrolled eating. The difference between bulimia and binge eating is that binge eaters do not exercise heavily, purge or overuse laxatives or diuretics. This results to most victims being obese. Common effects of binge eating are cardiovascular problems, distress, guilt and feeling embarrassed thus having worse eating habits.

Different treatments are recommended for different disorders. Always seek medical attention if you have any of the above eating disorders.